“At Henry Walker Homes, we have a company-wide focus on creating an environment based on three key principles: Caring, Energetic and Relevant. 

We begin each day with the mission of showing our families, our workmates, our trade partners, and our future and current homeowners that we care deeply about their individual experiences. Knowing that building a new home is a huge task for everyone involved, and with the combined years of experience our team has in home building, we are able to approach the home buyer’s experience with empathy.

One thing I am most excited about each day is the passion that our team has for home building.  We look at building our customer’s homes as a great privilege and energetically approach the process of design, customer care and construction.  On a regular basis, we question whether what we are doing and if the homes we are building are relevant to today’s market and families.

So, as President of the Company, at the end of each work day I ask myself, did my actions reflect the degree of caring, energy and relevance that I want our Henry Walker Homes customers and employees to experience.  I know they do.”

– David Vitek, President