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Whether you are wanting to purchase a new home, refinance your existing home, or simply just want some more information about our lenders, our buyer tools page will educate and offer more clarity on some of our process.

Preferred Lending

Building a home is the “American Dream” and every nail hammered, tile placed, and stair installed is part of bringing that dream to life. Salt Creek Mortgage has partnered with Henry Walker Homes to offer innovative floor plans, personalization, and superbly constructed homes.

Salt Creek Mortgage specializes in a wide range of loan types and will guide you toward the option that gets you into your dream home. No matter what your needs are, they will carefully assess your situation and make decisions that set you up for a brighter future.

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Salt Creek Mortgage


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How Big of a Home Loan Can I Afford?

Financing a home can feel overwhelming and intimidating, but Henry Walker Homes is here to help.

Our convenient online mortgage calculator is one of the best free home buyer tools available. This handy resource will help you map out your budget and your path to financing a new home, so you don’t have to do all the stressful guesswork. It will calculate your monthly loan payment based on how much you can put down on your new home and how much you decide to borrow. You can even experiment with different loan amounts and interest rates to see your options.

Loans for Home Buyers

There are many different loan options available when purchasing a loan, including:

Conventional Loans

FHA Loans

USDA Loans

VA Loans

The most popular home loan is a conventional loan, such as a 30-year or 15-year fixed loan.

Rate Buy Downs

Looking to lower the interest rate on your mortgage loan? Henry Walker Homes strives to provide our buyers with the best deals possible, which is why we offer rate buy-downs. By taking this extra step, we help you lower your monthly payments and save money on the lifetime of your loan. Contact us today to learn more about the types of rate buy-downs we offer, and what you qualify for.

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Find Your Home According to Your Budget

Henry Walker Homes is willing to not only build your dream home but to work with you through the whole process. We want you to have the home of your dreams, but we want to work within your budget.
Henry Walker Homes are exquisite, and no stone goes unturned in our process. This is why we have included this handy mortgage calculator for your convenience. We’ll work with you hand in hand as you build your home and plan around your budget.

Are You Ready?

It’s perfectly normal for first-time home buyers to feel nervous about taking on a mortgage and home ownership. Are you prepared for the responsibility? While there’s no clear checklist for whether or not you’re ready to apply for a home loan, there are a few promising signs to look for:

  • You’ve had a stable, consistent income for at least six months
  • You have saved at least three months of living expenses in an emergency fund
  • You are committed to this home for at least five years.

Still unsure? It’s always a good idea to talk to a trusted lender like Salt Creek Mortgage to understand the intricacies of borrowing before you take the plunge. Experienced lending experts can give you an idea of how large of a loan you’ll qualify for and what type of interest rate you can expect.

When you’re really serious about financing a home, apply for preapproval from your designated lender. Preapprovals guarantee builders or sellers that you can afford the house, which can significantly streamline the home-buying process.

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Find Your Home According to Your Budget

Henry Walker Homes offers a wide range of homes in many different price ranges, so you can find the perfect home for you and your family without straining your budget. Our ready-built homes and selective lots are located all across Utah. We offer an extensive range of styles and lot sizes designed to fit your budget and your dreams, whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced homeowner.

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