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Flooring Trend: Light Wide-plank Woods and Laminates

By October 17, 2018April 21st, 2022No Comments
Kitchen showroom

The use of wide plank flooring is on the rise! Wider planks are a great choice for people who enjoy rustic or industrial aesthetics. They add a subtle pop of visual interest and charm to a room. Wide planks in a lighter or blonde/honey finish are especially my preference. As homeowners embrace the light and airy feel in their homes, blonde wood or laminate floors give that light and bright feeling while adding a touch of timelessness.

With this flooring style your decorating possibilities are endless; you can go for a modern farmhouse look, chic and contemporary, or rustic and homey. The multi-aesthetic options combined with the fact that light colored, wide planked floors actually make a room feel larger and more open, make them my absolute favorite flooring option!