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Thinking About Building a Home in Utah? Here’s Where to Start

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With the construction of Utah new homes happening at an unprecedented pace, many communities are popping up all over the state. If you’re thinking about starting the process of building a home in Utah, you might not know where to begin. At Henry Walker Homes, we’re here to help you through the sometimes complicated home-building process. Read on to learn some tips to make the process easier, such as selecting a budget for your home, choosing the perfect location, and choosing the right floor plan. When you follow these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a home you love.

A Quick Intro to the Homebuilding Process

Figure out a budget

The first step in building a new home is to figure out a budget. Ask yourself, how much do I want to spend on a house? What house payment can I afford in my monthly budget? An easy way to calculate a home buying budget is to go by the 28% rule. It stipulates that a mortgage payment shouldn’t be more than 28% of your monthly gross income. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) suggests sticking to 31% of your total gross income. When calculating your budget, be sure to add in any existing debts and monthly payments that you currently have.

Select a location

Do you need to live close to your work, or are you planning on commuting? Perhaps you can work from home and can choose to build your home in any available community. Maybe you’d like to live in a family-friendly neighborhood, or maybe you’d prefer to stick closer to the hustle and bustle of a city. Do you want to build a house in warm Southern Utah or stay close to the mountains in Northern Utah? All of these are questions to ask yourself when choosing a location for your home.

From new homes in St. George, Utah, to new homes in Layton, Utah, we’ve got plenty of new home communities across the state. When you build with Henry Walker Homes, you’ll have the option of choosing from many of these amazing home communities. You’re sure to find the perfect location for your new home.

Choose the right home builder

With so many builders on the market, finding a home builder that’s right for you can be time-intensive. First, you can start by asking family and friends who they trust. Who has the best reputation, and what is their experience? You can also try asking your real estate professional for referrals. Overall, it’s essential to find a home builder who communicates well and answers questions thoroughly. Additionally, make sure they are transparent throughout the entire process and prioritize quality and commitment to their clients.

You’ll also want to consider homebuilders who are constructing in neighborhoods that are convenient for you. Where are the best Utah new homes? Because you’ve likely chosen a location before you’ve chosen a builder, this can help narrow down your home building search. Is the homebuilder adding any amenities to the neighborhood that are of interest to you? Those are a few things to consider in the search for the right home builder for you.

Select a floor plan

What is the best way to choose a floor plan for your home? Selecting a floor plan can seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon have a plan picked out. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Make a list of needs – What are some things that you’d change with your current home? Do you need flex spaces or more storage space? Would you like an open living area or do you like the idea of separate rooms? How many garage spaces will you incorporate? These are some questions to ask yourself to help narrow down what you need.
  • Consider longevity – Think about how your needs may change in the upcoming years. Do you have young children who will need additional space throughout the years? Are you planning on growing old in the house and needing rooms that are easily accessible? Wise floor planning includes how your family will grow and change throughout the years.
  • Consider your building lot – Are there particular views that you’d like to see from your living room? Do you like a bright, sunny kitchen? Considering the building lot will help you narrow down what rooms you’d like in certain spots of the house.
  • Browse through our floor plans online – As you browse through our floor plans, visualize living in that space and how you’d use it. With our plentiful and functional floor plans, you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle perfectly.
  • Check out our quick move-ins – If your home search has a short timeline, consider our quick move-in Utah new homes. They are homes that are currently under construction in our communities. They’re great for those moving from out of state or those who can’t wait months to construct a new home. When you buy a quick move-in home, you have all the benefits of a new home without the wait. They have the same floorplans, high-end features, and materials featured in our other homes. Buying a quick move-in home means it is easier and faster to move into your dream home in Utah.

Customize it

Now, the fun begins! When you build with Henry Walker Homes, you’ll have access to our design studio, which can help you fully customize your house. Bring all your ideas and expectations to your design appointment so we can create your perfect home.

First, our in-house interior designer will help you choose paint colors for cabinets, select crown molding on window frames, pick tile for bathrooms and the kitchen, and choose the perfect flooring for your lifestyle. We can even show you how your floor plan and design look on a computer screen before you make these important home design choices.

Move in

Once your home is completed, we get to hand you the keys! Move in and experience the home you’ve dreamed about for months. Enjoy decorating each space as you get settled in. At Henry Walker Homes, our goal is to give you a beautiful home where you can make unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Henry Walker Homes is Here to Help

With the housing market rapidly expanding with Utah new homes, Henry Walker Homes is here to help you create and build the home you’ve always wanted. We help you find the perfect community for your new home and then work alongside you throughout the entire process, listening to your concerns and questions while putting you first. We promise to treat you with kindness, loyalty, and respect. Weekly check-ins and transparent communication will give you all the information you’ll need throughout the process. You’ll have peace of mind throughout the construction process. We have been building new homes in Utah for years. We have helped our clients build their dream homes, and we’ll do the same for you.

Find Your Home Today

Begin the process of building your home by looking through our new home communities throughout Utah. Once you’ve selected the perfect community for your home, browse through our many available floorplans. Ready to get started building your new homes with Henry Walker Homes? Contact us today to begin your home-building journey.