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Tips for Finding the Right Homes for Sale for You

By February 15, 2024March 4th, 2024No Comments
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Looking at homes for sale can feel overwhelming. Depending on your income, looking for new homes for sale in Utah can feel even more overwhelming. With inflation costs and fluctuating interest rates, there has been a lot of uncertainty in recent years.

That’s why it’s important now more than ever to ensure you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary when buying a new home in Utah. Below, we’ll provide you with helpful tips to make sure your home-buying experience is a positive one.

Do your research

You’ll want to consider every possibility before purchasing a home. This includes looking into the home manufacturers. When looking at a property, ask yourself, who built this? Do they have a reputation for reliability and quality? You might want to reconsider purchasing if the builder is someone you’ve never heard of or someone with a spotty reputation.

It also pays to consider the home’s location. Is it in a good neighborhood with a low crime rate? What schools would your children go to if they lived in this neighborhood? Is it near hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment, or other important landmarks? A home is a lifelong commitment, so it pays to be thorough when researching what your life there will look like.

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What do you qualify for?

This might be one of the biggest questions of all. Your budget will have a massive impact on your home-buying options. And there are more things to consider than just the prices of homes for sale. You’ll want to consider factors like:

  • Homeowners Association (HOA) fees
  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Home maintenance, repairs, and upkeep
  • Utilities

Some extra fees and taxes can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your monthly payment. Coordinate with insurance providers and your potential homeowner’s association to ensure you fully understand all related fees. Your real estate agent should also be able to answer some of these questions.

Also, use a tool like a mortgage calculator to determine your monthly mortgage payments. This will factor in the home price, down payment, loan term, and interest rate. Ideally, it should be below 30% of your monthly income, but some professionals say going up to 40% is still reasonable.

contractor working on an new home buildCondition of the home

This goes without saying, but a new home will likely be in better condition than a home that’s been previously lived in. A new home will enjoy the benefits of brand-new appliances, air ducts, electrical, plumbing, and more.

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That’s not to say an older home wouldn’t be in excellent condition. But it’ll be important for you to ask your real estate agent these questions. Ask them how long it has been since the HVAC system has been repaired or installed. Ask them about any potential history of flooding, electrical problems, pests, or plumbing issues. Asking these questions early may save you the shock of later major repairs.

Other things to consider

Consider getting pre-approved for a loan from your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender can get you preapproved for a certain amount based on your bank statements, W-2s, and credit report, so when it comes time to purchase a home you’ve fallen in love with, it’ll save you time and energy. This differs from a prequalification letter stating that you’re prequalified for a certain amount based on your income and credit score. A pre-approval letter holds more weight, so it’s better to get that if possible.

Another thing to consider is to be flexible. It’s incredibly rare to find a home with every feature you love. Consider listing things you can’t live without, like the number of bedrooms, garage space, utility and cooling systems, and more. Then consider things that you probably can live without. Those will be entirely up to you. Thankfully, when it comes to homes for sale in Utah, Henry Walker Homes provides affordable homes that don’t compromise on features.

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