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Where Should You Buy a Home in Utah?

By February 16, 2023No Comments
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The home you choose to buy will affect your life significantly. Not only is it an investment that will affect your finances, but your home’s location, style, and neighborhood will influence how you live your life on a day-to-day basis. Choose your home and its location wisely.

You can find older houses for sale in Utah in almost any city or area, but finding new homes for sale in Utah depends on knowing where to look. Henry Walker Homes builds new homes in cities across Utah. Each community brings a unique set of features that appeal to different types of homebuyers. We created this guide to help you understand what features to consider when looking through all homes for sale in Utah so you can choose the right place.

Narrowing Your Search for a Home in Utah

With so many Utah homes for sale — and more getting built all the time — choosing the best option can feel overwhelming. Make the search easier by limiting it to new houses for sale in Utah. Buying a new home gives you the ability to choose many customizations upfront. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding the home you want, just deciding where to build it.

Each city, town, or neighborhood will have its own charms. You can decide which feels like it’s the right fit with the things you value. Start by checking out some of these popular areas and learning what people like or don’t like about them.

Utah MountainsUtah Destinations Growing in Popularity with Homeowners

Utah is among the fastest-growing states in the nation. Almost every city in Utah is growing. Henry Walker Homes builds homes in some of the most popular cities in Utah and the country. We’ve seen this boom firsthand. If you like the idea of living in any of the following cities, then act fast. The sooner you snag one of the new homes for sale in Utah, the more you’ll save in the long run, especially in these highly coveted living areas.

St. George

According to recent census data, St. George is the fastest-growing city in the country. The southern Utah city grew by an estimated 10,000 people during a single year (from July 2020 to July 2021).

People flock to St. George because of the strong local economy and the proximity to outdoor activities. Zions National park is just a 45-minute drive away, and Bryce Canyon national park, Capitol reef national park, and Grand Canyon national park are all less than a four-hour drive away. If indoor activities are more your thing, Las Vegas is just two hours away. You can also find plenty of warm weather and things to do without leaving town.

Henry Walker Homes builds homes in St. George designed with style inspired by the natural desert landscape. We offer five floor plans to choose from. Some of our houses for sale in Utah start under $500,000.

West Haven

West Haven is another area seeing rapid population growth. Located in Weber County, 35 miles north of Salt Lake City, West Haven offers a smaller community feel with the convenience of nearby Ogden. A recent resident survey shows that those living in West Haven feel like it’s a safe community and an excellent place to raise a family. Results also show high satisfaction with critical community services like fire and emergency medical services, as well as garbage collection.

When it comes to homes for sale in West Haven, Henry Walker Homes offers plenty of floorplan options at our Cobblecreek community. Each blends modern design and convenience with a look inspired by that laid-back, classic American suburban feel. These new houses for sale in Utah can start in the high $600s.

North Ogden

Also located in Weber County, North Ogden is becoming a popular destination for those homeowners drawn to the Ogden area, but looking for a bit more space. In close proximity to Nordic Valley Ski Resort and with beautiful views of the Wasatch Range, this community is becoming more popular for those who want to be in north Utah but want to escape some of the crowds further south in Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties.

Henry Walker Homes also builds homes in North Ogden at Views at Rockwood. With beautiful views of Ben Lomond Peak, this community is a must-see for those interested in living in Weber County. Plenty of floorplans are available starting in the $700s.

Salt Lake CityNorthern Utah or Southern Utah?

As you can see, some of the most popular places in Utah have a lot to offer. Choosing which city is best for you will depend on your lifestyle.

Northern Utah offers the convenience of a large metro area where almost anything you need is always near. It also has a larger population, so if you enjoy company and convenience, Northern Utah might be for you.

Southern Utah generally has warmer weather than northern Utah. It’s also closer to the breathtaking red rock country of beautiful national parks. The towns in Southern Utah are smaller and more spread out than cities in Northern Utah. Opt for Southern Utah if you enjoy more space, outdoor activities, and a bit more elbow room.

Evaluating how you want to live will help you determine where you want to live. You should also consider a few other factors.

Other Amenities and Features to Consider

Long with the layout, color, and budget of your home, you should consider a few more things when deciding where to live. Each city or town offers something a little different. Remember to weigh the following factors into your decision on where to live.

City Size

This relates to the choice between Northern Utah and Southern Utah. City size is a balance of convenience and access. Larger cities usually have more restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options, but you also have to live around more people consuming those same features.

Economic Health of the Area

Opportunities for jobs and financial growth can vary greatly from town to town. Choose a city with a solid economic base to ensure you and your family have the job opportunities you need. Sometimes an area can be anchored by a significant installment that fuels the town. For example, Layton’s economy revolves heavily around Hill Air Force base. While these towns can be stable for years, if they don’t grow, the entire town can become dependent on one company. Look for the combo of an anchor industry plus sustained growth.


This is related to the economy. Education drives opportunity. Ask about the schools in the area to ensure your loved ones get the education they deserve. Don’t just look at test scores. Ask the local parents and teachers about their curriculum to ensure it matches the things you want your family to learn.


Driving distance can be a major deciding factor for many people. The most critical commute might be going to and from your job every day, but don’t forget about other possible drives you might need to make. Think about the following questions. The answers may guide you home. How far is the closest grocery store? Is there an event center in town? How long will I have to drive to get to my parent’s house? How far away will my other friends and family live?

New home constructionFind New Homes for Sale in Utah with Henry Walker Homes

As you can tell, you have a lot to consider when choosing where to buy your home in Utah. Selecting a builder is one thing you don’t need to worry about because Henry Walker Homes has you covered. We build affordable, stylish, and sturdy homes in communities throughout Utah. We can help you decide where to build your next home.

Contact Henry Walker Homes about building and buying your new home in Utah!