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Why You Should Buy Your New Home in Layton

By October 21, 2022No Comments

Are you looking for homes for sale in Layton, Utah? Perhaps you’re interested in moving to this northern Utah city and are unsure what to expect. In the search for Layton homes for sale, you’re likely to have many questions about the city and what house you should buy. Let’s start by talking about some facts about Layton and why you should trust Henry Walker Homes to build your new home in Layton.

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Why Layton is a Great Place to Live

Located in northern Utah along the Wasatch Front in Davis County, Layton is a part of the Salt Lake and Ogden metropolitan areas. It’s the biggest city in Davis County and is the ninth largest city in the state. Now that we know these basic facts, what else do we need to know about Layton?

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It’s a safe city with a low crime rate

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of living in Layton is enjoying safe neighborhoods with low crime rates. Layton’s crime rate is noticeably lower than the national average for cities with a similar population size.

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It’s an excellent place for families

Did you know that almost half of all households in Layton have children? This high density of children is common in Utah. In fact, Utah has the youngest median age in the country, with an average age of 30.7 years. It’s a popular place to raise a family for many reasons. Layton boasts excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, walkable streets, and easy access to many amenities.


There are endless opportunities for recreation

Love to get out and enjoy the fresh air with your family? Then you’ll love Layton. There’s an endless amount of recreational opportunities within the area. The Wasatch National Forest offers opportunities for hiking, biking, running, horseback riding, mountain biking, and much more. Hike the expansive trail system that includes the Bonneville Shoreline, Great Western Trail, and Bair Canyon Trail.

Enjoy the scenic views and open water at Andy Adams Reservoir. It’s an excellent spot for fishing, kayaking, and even hiking. Does your family love skiing? You’ll have easy access to several world-class resorts within a short drive from Layton, with Park City just a short day’s drive away. There are also water parks, swimming pools, and even Lagoon nearby to keep you busy. When you live in Layton, there’s always something to do!

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It’s conveniently located

Nestled right along I-15, Layton sits on the northern part of the Wasatch Front yet still provides easy access to many locations. You’ll find that the Salt Lake International Airport is about a 30-minute drive away and 25 minutes to downtown Salt Lake. Hill Air Force Base, where many people in the area work, sits right in the north part of the city. Because Layton is located on I-15, you’ll find that commuting in and out of the area is effortless.

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The mountains are at your back door

With the Wasatch Front to the east, Layton has no shortage of beautiful views. Enjoy the views from your porch, or take a short drive in the mountains to take it all in. Be adventurous by driving to the top of Francis Peak to see stunning views of the valley. Or take a leisurely drive through Trapper’s Loop, a short drive that starts just off I-84 and weaves through the mountains past Snowbasin Ski Resort over to Huntsville. There really is no shortage of stunning views when you live in Layton.

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It has an affordable cost of living

Even though the cost of housing has increased in Utah, Layton remains an affordable place to put down your roots. While living in Salt Lake City can be a bit more expensive, Layton remains an affordable option, with a median home cost of nearly 9% cheaper than homes in Salt Lake City.

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You can enjoy all the seasons

Residents of Layton enjoy the best of all the seasons. Winter in Layton produces its world-famous snow and an average temperature of 34° F. As the snow begins to melt and spring arrives, the snow melts, and many things start to turn green. Spring is truly a beautiful season, with the average temperature for April and May hovering around 60° F. Summer in Layton is full of sunny days, and an average high of 91° F. Average fall temperatures stay around 70°-60° F. Unlike some locations in the United States that have a consistent temp year-round, Layton is a great place to enjoy the seasons.

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It has a strong housing market

Throughout all the changes in the housing market over the past few years, Layton has remained a strong and steady housing market. A Gardner Policy Institute analyst has said that the market in Utah remains strong because of its strong economic and financial position. Over the years, Utah has consistently shown that it can handle the housing market changes well, which means that buyers and sellers can rest easy in Utah.

Why Homes for Sale in Layton, Utah are Selling Quickly

Since the housing market has climbed out of the real estate recession of the late 2000s, one of the most common questions has been why have homes in Layton been selling so quickly. Simply put, Layton remains a strong housing market because many people are choosing to relocate to the area. Because the city is such a great place to live, Layton homes are selling at a rapid pace, especially compared to other parts of the country.

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Henry Walker Homes is Proud to be Layton’s Top Home Builder

When you’re looking for homes for sale in Layton, Utah, you may be wondering if you should buy or build a house. We think it’s always best to have a home perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyle. When you build a new home with us, you’ll have an elegant home at an affordable price that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

At Henry Walker Homes, we believe quite a few things set us apart from other home builders on the market. We believe in making the homebuilding process as efficient as possible and have a faster average build time than our competitors. Our weekly follow-ups keep you updated throughout the entire process, working with you to ease any worries about paperwork and construction estimates. With over 30 years of experience, we help you build a timeless, beautiful house that you can call home.

Unique Floor Plans and Communities for Everyone

We’re proud to offer an incredible variety of floor plans that fit within any family, budget, and lifestyle. From single-family homes to single-story homes to townhomes, you’re sure to find a floor plan that fits your stage of life. Our in-house design team will guide you through the customization process, helping you easily make decisions while sticking to your budget and design style. You’ll only be offered the highest-quality products when picking out all your home’s details.

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Trust Henry Walker Homes, the Premier Layton Home Builder

When searching for homes in Layton, it can be hard to know who to trust. We promise to put you first when you build a new home with us. We treat you with the kindness, loyalty, and respect you deserve. Join the family at Henry Walker Homes–contact us today to learn more about our building projects in Layton.